Chisinau Boulevard Grigore Vieru, 21/2

Alegor Vieru

The Alegor Correctional Centre provides classes based on applied behaviour analysis (ABA therapy). ABA therapy is a therapy proven by scientific research and recommended for teaching children with autism.

The format of the sessions at the Alegor Vieru centre is group and individual. Classes are held for 2 hours a day every day from Monday to Friday.

Group sessions are as necessary for our children as the individual sessions. From our observations, we have found that a child who has been taught solely in a one-to-one format is often unable to learn in a group setting with other children. The acquired skills are most often not demonstrated or begin to disintegrate. This centre was created precisely to teach the children how to function in a group and to generalise what they have learned. In addition, we have included complementary therapies such as Music Therapy and Adaptive Physical Education. As a whole, this format of activities gives excellent results for children with autism.

Music has a multi-sensory impact on the auditory, visual, motor and emotional domains. The use of music or elements of music improves psychological, emotional, cognitive, physical and social health.
Adaptive Physical Education classes teach children how to feel and control their bodies and help them to become more spatially oriented. This is especially important for children with motor and coordination disorders. Even the simplest activities require a certain dexterity - wiping their mouth, putting on their pants, combing their hair, pouring water. The AF class helps the child to learn these and other movements.

Children are grouped according to skill, age and language. We accept children from 2 to 10 years old. The teaching language is Russian and Romanian. Each child has an individual training program, which varies or is adjusted according to the speed of acquisition of skills.

Address Grigore Vieru 21/2.

An appointment for a preliminary consultation is possible only by prior arrangement by e-mail or by phone +37369413278, +37376724522, +37376005496


individual and grup




2 hours/1 hour


from 2 to 14 years old